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I have read several letters on this forem as to Gutter Helmet problems and service. 6/29/15

Just like most products, if it isn’t installed proper you will have problems. Of course Gutter Helmet has its network of certified installers. But as in anything “Timing is everything”. If a poor business or one of your fly by night local companies happens to slip through the cracks and take on the Gutter Helmet dealership in your town it hurts the good ones around the country. I know corperate strides to do its best to hose down any fires that others have started.

That being said here are the most common reasons people have problems with Gutter Helmets:

#1 .Someone else removes and try’s to reinstall them is the number 1 problem by us. Don’t let a roofer tell you they can remove and reinstall it if they are not a certified Gutter Helmet installer! They can’t even reroof it without removing. The system has to be removed and reinstalled for both roof and gutters to perform proper.

Roof traffic, Painters, siders, exterminators or your satellite guy steps all over them or leans their ladders on them.

Falling tree or ice damage from upper dormers onto lower roof lines.

An end cap got missed by installer. (TOTALLY under warranty)!

Winter ice removal. Again, the system can handle up to 65# a sq foot. Our 7 foot hit here in Buffalo exceeded 100# a sq foot.

No one has ever rinsed the nose of it off. Think about it, if you never washed your car what will it look like in 5 years? Same goes for your siding, gutters, shutters, windows and yes, Gutter Helmet. But only from ground level. Stay off the ladders!

IT’S NOT Gutter Helmet! We go to service calls that people think they have the “Gutter Helmet” product. We get there and it’s a knock off or something someone told them was Gutter Helmet. Confusing the public is the competitions goal. Sometime they succeed.

In conclusion;

Gutter Helmet. I have had mine since 1990. On 1 side I have ash and maple trees and only had to rinse them 1 time since I owned them. On the other side I have pine trees and I rinse off 2 times a year. BUT I HAVE NEVER had to get up and clean out that muck since 1990! Now we can control Ice with Helmet Heat. The first heat and helmet combo jobs were done here in Buffalo in 1993 and are still working.

Your gutters protect your foundation. Don’t trust them to just anyone.

President; The Gutter People of WNY Inc.

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Then you are one of few to be happy with this awful product! It has caused so much damage to our hiuse and getting it so you don't have to get on the roof is a joke.

The problems that occur start small when if you did get on the roof you'd catch them, just look at your justifications Snout this product. You must work there it be a franchise owner!


What a bunch of BS. Even the picture looks faked


Stop lying

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