Gutter Helmet Gutter Guard Installation Reviews

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Advertised vs Delivered
Service Scheduling
Product or Service Quality
Gutter Helmet's customer service is next-to-nothing in Colorado Springs. They promptly make appointments if you are BUYING their product, but if you have any issues once the product is installed, they NEVER respond. I purchased my Gutter Helmet about 5 years ago. I had to have my roof replaced 3 years ago due to hail damage (which Colorado Springs is famous for), but roofers are not allowed to touch Gutter Helmet or it will negate your...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Failure to install what i was sold
  • Performance
I had gutter helmet installed a month ago. After 3 days, it rained and every gutter spout had a wad of pine needles. After looking closer, the installers damaged my new comp shingles by tearing them up (about 30 of them). Some pieces were laying right on the roof. Metal screws for the down spouts were missing. There were pieces of metal flashing all over the place. I called the company who sent a quality control guy. He said he would send a crew...
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I didn't like
  • Sloppy installation
  • Performance
Let me immediately start by saying Gutter Helmet has provided for my family for more than twenty years. I would ask that anyone who is looking at these reviews to do so with an open mind. Gutter Helmet has been in business for more than thirty seven years and has been installed on more than TWO MILLION HOMES during that time. Don't misunderstand me, some of the complaints listed on this site and others I believe are true situations. Gutter...
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I liked
  • Performance of product