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The worst customer service ever.. Do not use! Has not returned email or phone call. After more than a week. Requested respectfully. Have had for years. Guarantee not true. Gutters very clogged, running into foundation. Rain pouring off eaves. Have to unclog. Almost 70. Can't get on roof to clean, so thought was a good deal many, many years ago. Asked to come out before and only did after repeated phone calls. Maybe I have the do... Read more

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Gutter Helmet's customer service is next-to-nothing in Colorado Springs. They promptly make appointments if you are BUYING their product, but if you have any issues once the product is installed, they NEVER respond. I purchased my Gutter Helmet about 5 years ago. I had to have my roof replaced 3 years ago due to hail damage (which Colorado Springs is famous for), but roofers are not allowed to touch Gutter Helmet or it will negate your... Read more

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I had this installed in Sept. 04 at a cost of $5205.00and have never been so disappointed with a company. They were going to seal the eavestrough when they did this. The next rain water poured from the eavestrough and when I phoned they said it was past the 60 days. After much arguing they agreed to sent someone. The call was in Jan. 05 and someone came in June 05 and it took 4 phone calls with before I got a response. The guy that came told... Read more

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Don't work. Constant problems all the time. Shrubs adversely affected beneath gutters and huge ice cycles form in cold weather among many problems.

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The product shouldn't be used in very cold climates. The design CAUSES ice dams. There is no real good solution. Ice cables can prevent the ice dams, but then the cables contribute to the clutter. Should never be used in New England or any other climate where icicles can form. It is clearly easier to clean the gutters a few times a year than to put up with ice dams (causes lots of water damage) and icicles. I've actually had ice blocks... Read more

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if it rains heavily, the water cascades right off the roof as if we had no gutters at all. If it rains lightly, they work as advertised but not with heavy rain. Our basement flooded the first time we had heavy rain. We removed them. it is easier to clean the gutters than to vacuum many gallons of water from the basement. I have already prevented a friend from acquiring gutter helmets. We are exploring other remedies such as arch screens as we... Read more

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Leaking between gutter and facia board water running between siding and sheathing called them said the be out five-six weeks later showed up. Repairman said he installed a divert. still leaks about eight Had a sider come and look feet. Called again called corporate. Switch me to local office same one I had called. twenty seven July he called me back will arrive eighteen Aug Customer service sucks operator the took my call was no help at all.... Read more

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Gutter Helmet is Terrible
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Well, I just got done removing the last of the Gutter Helmet (GH) from my house. It did keep the leaves out, but it also kept the water out so the water just landed along the house. The slot between the GH and the gutter plugs up routinely. In addition, they clearly state that the product is warranted for life. I had a section of it crushed by ice (ice cycles are another problem). The GH person came out and said that I needed to have 8'... Read more

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Around six months after installation the gutter got clogged after a bird made a nest in the gutter. We were a little worried thinking that this situation might not be covered by the warranty but we called customer service and they send out a crew within a couple of days to clear the gutter and add extra protection at the side of the cover to prevent this in the future. (Apparently the initial installers hadn't added this optional extra... Read more

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What they don't bother to tell you is you will have to pay approximately $1,223 to have helmets removed and reinstalled if you get a new roof by a different company; $704 if they install the roof. I should have ran when the sales representative would not itemize $870 on the initial installation bill. I wouldn't recommend gutter helmets or this company, too expensive, look for something that's not going to cost you upwards of $1,000+ to remove. Read more

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