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All other components on the roof, around chimneys and vents, for example, require that the installation occur under the shingles to prevent leaks. This is required code. Yet, we are told to believe that while installing over shingles around comparatively small chimneys and vents will lead to leaks, that installing over shingles around far larger gutter guards will not have a similar effect. I... Read more

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I had gutter helmets installed because I have a 2 story house and was built with many trees over and around my home for shade. After being in my house for a short time, I saw the commercial about gutter helmets and had the salesman come to get my signature and commitment for the work. I thought this was the only way for my situation. I have had leaks since installation and now the wood in rotting... Read more

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They don't do as they say. Living in WA State, we get ally of pine needles. They claim to only allow water in and yard debris out. Not true. Whoever invented it should have tested it all throughout the country and not just in one location (MD). GH, u suck and should have common sense to test your product in other parts of the country to see where u are able to make adjustments in alignment with... Read more

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DO NOT purchase a Gutter Helmet product! They are so attentitive for the sale. However, when it comes to warranty work and responsibility - totally absent! I have made numerous attempts to contact them via phone/internet, and no response from them Add comment

We had gutter helmet installed in 2010. Something has never been right about them. The roof began leaking shortly after having them installed. Rather than pay the extra to have them taken of and put on again, we opted to have gutter helmet replace the roof (Feb 2014). Since then we have had a roof that leaks in multiple places, and sections of our gutter helmet has blown off. The local dealer... Read more

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After may calls to Gutter Helmut, and getting many promises of someone coming to inspect. I am still trying. A rep did come initially. He told me to call the company and get one of the managers to inspect. I have left messages with the receptionist on numerous occasions since July 2015, and no one has returned my call. Winter is again upon us and I cannot resolve this situation. I wouldn't... Read more

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I purchased Gutter Helmet in late 2001. It worked well until a couple of years ago when I noticed overflow over the main entrance. I could not find a local dealer. In 2014 I finally got someone who said she would get someone to contact me. It never happened even though I called several times. Finally this Sept., 2015 after I noticed rotten wood around the eaves, I finally got a response and was... Read more

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we had a contract with gutter helmet to install gutter guards on home for 2,184 on oct16 2015 . the salesman gave many discounts due to a veteran & told rate would go up if contract was not signed that day . we have decided to cancel contract on 11 /16/2015 & will not get refunded 728.00 which represents the deposit Money . they have not done any work or purchased any special materials... Read more

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they will Not refund deposit . we were unaware of no refund policy . we want money back & will not let them do job . We were unaware that they would only put guards on current gutters . way to expensive & have been made aware that they need to be replaced . it's been over 30days so we have a right to cancel job . no respect for company that will keep deposit for work not done . I will be... Read more

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I had several gutter company's come out to my home and bid to install gutters and a cover on them, 5 to be exact last fall. I bought gutter Helmet, all the sales people that came to my home were nice and professional. Bought the Gutters and helmet, I had one issue a overflow on the back of my house they came out 3 days later a guy name Danny no problems since. The salesperson has followed up... Read more

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