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Main address: 1121 Benfield Blvd # Q Millersville Maryland
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  • Jul 24
  • Household Services
  • Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
  • Positive Experience
  • 28

Hello everyone, I read through the reviews on this site and I see one common issue: improper installation. We had hired a great company for our Gutter Helmet installation: Century Spouting of Elizabethtown, PA were excellent. They came out, were very courteous, gave us an accurate estimate. They promptly arranged a time to come out, 4 guys were there to make sure the installation went well. They... Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Household Services
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Gutter Helmets
  • 2
  • 42

We installed the Gutter Helmets after listening to WCCO radio in Minnesota… However, Gutter Helmets do not work and they are very expensive. We hired a Gutter Helmet contractor and we believed him, however he no longer is able to help us and when we call the Gutter Helmet …..1-800 number they give us the run around…… Horrible investment we will post our video on you tube look for it from... Read more

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  • Jun 25
  • Repairs
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Gutters
  • 2
  • 86

Gutter Helmet contract with me was to install gutter helmet on south side of house and repair fascia as needed. When the tech came out he looked at job and said it wasn't what he was told. I asked him to explain. He said he didn't know he was going to have to remove the gutter first, nor the amount of fascia to be repaired/replaced. I asked him how was he going to repair the fascia if he... Read more

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  • Jun 24
  • Construction
  • Bergenfield, New Jersey
  • Gutter Helmet
  • 2
  • 98

Awesome product works fine most people just complain.Falling off a roof is something to moan about. My install was hard but the benefits of water control far outweigh the minor tweaks the company performed. Very satisfied and would recommend this product.Love the warranty.Also I am satisfied with the service contract.I had screens and they never worked.Plastic and vinyl were not an option and the... Read more

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  • Jun 19
  • Building Services
  • Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Improper Installation
  • 1
  • 110

Improperly Installed in 2002, not caught until 2012 when soffits started to rot from water under gutter helmet. Todd Wiest in reading pa and the company would not stand behind the job, wanted me to install new roof and pay for new gutter helmets. Time to sue them!! Todd said he bought the previous owner and he would not correct problem. He acknowledged the system was not installed correctly,... Read more

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  • May 29
  • Construction
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Gutter Helmet
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  • 130

I had gutter helmet installed about 2 years ago. More water went into the yard/basement than went in to gutter. They tried a couple of different fixes but the system just kept on getting plugged up with pine needle and maple tree "flowers". I even made a tool that I used to try to clear the helmet's slot and had to use it often.I spent much more time clearing the helmet than I did cleaning the... Read more

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  • May 29
  • Building Services
  • Delaware, Ohio
  • Roof Replacement
  • 1
  • 155

We contacted them about these problems and it took weeks to get them out to the house to fix the first issue. Poor communications - unable to give dates and time "We'll call the day before we come" The second problem is unresolved. I called it in over a week ago and it was not until today after a 2nd call that we finally got a proposed date to come out t the house. Also we needed to have a... Read more

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  • May 08
  • Household Services
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Demeaning Treatment
  • 168

A sales man from Gutter Helmet in Kansas City, came by yesterday for my free estimate. I made a terrible mistake by being born a measly women , come to find out! Oh yes, the sexist demeaning treatment was in full force! The sales man asked right away if there was a better time he could come by for my free estimate, that is, when my husband is available. I explained to him , no there is not,... Read more

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  • May 04
  • Installers
  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Gutter Helmet System
  • 1
  • 153

I had damage structurally to my home as a result of this product. I called multiple times finally to get put off then told we didn't install your gutters. The problem was not my gutters but the gutter helmet system for which was installed improperly. I had a reputable contractor and gutter specialist confirm the guards were not right and damaged my home. No one would return my call as I tried... Read more

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Working with this company has been a horrendous experience! Their motto is "Never clean your gutters again" yet they fail to inform you that you have to still clean your gutters at least twice a year. When you call to complain all they tell you is there is nothing they can do except have you buy their maintenance plan, which means they will clean the gutters for you. The point of the product is... Add comment

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