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We have had GH on our roof--first the high gutters, later the whole thing. Quite expensive but works pretty well. EXCEPT for two things. Several of the ads say you'll never have to climb a ladder again. And that you'll never have to clean gutters again. They don't mention that in four places around the house there is a ca. 3-inch lip, which catches debris and at least I clean them every year (maybe the debris can stay there forever). ... Read more

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I had gutter helmet installed a month ago. After 3 days, it rained and every gutter spout had a wad of pine needles. After looking closer, the installers damaged my new comp shingles by tearing them up (about 30 of them). Some pieces were laying right on the roof. Metal screws for the down spouts were missing. There were pieces of metal flashing all over the place. I called the company who sent a quality control guy. He said he would send a crew... Read more

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Let me immediately start by saying Gutter Helmet has provided for my family for more than twenty years. I would ask that anyone who is looking at these reviews to do so with an open mind. Gutter Helmet has been in business for more than thirty seven years and has been installed on more than TWO MILLION HOMES during that time. Don't misunderstand me, some of the complaints listed on this site and others I believe are true situations. Gutter... Read more

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I had gutter helmet installed on my entire house (cost was almost $3,000.00 in 2003). The company that installed it is no longer in business but the warranty paper states there's a lifetime warranty on the gutter helmet. Now I have a problem and in order for someone to even look at it they want to charge me $105.00 to just come out and look at it because they are too far from me. Then if it's not their problem they want to charge me $175.00... Read more

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In all good consciousness, we cannot recommend Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region (Colorado Springs, CO) after their blatant mismanagement: professionally, ethically and legally. After doing business with GH, water damage started to appear. We later discovered that GH's install was not done properly and needed to be readjusted; an easy fix, right? Wrong! Once we addressed our concerns with the company's owners (Kirt and Vicki Byerly) they... Read more

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Hi I had gutter helmet applied to our house at the tune of about 4000.00 in 2007. I live in a wooded area. over the 10 years a few limbs have come down with minimal wear. I bought for one reason in that I could have gutters cleaned free. Well I requested to have them cleaned as you advertise. They came and was told after 1600.00 invested they would clean them. So much for cleaning gutters as you advertise!! I would not recommend you to... Read more

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My non- clogging gutters started clogging up after about 5 years. their company told me: " of course you need to get them cleaned occasionally". " We will be happy to clean them for you for free, HOWEVER, we determined you have a new roof and the roofers ( which never removed the gutter helmets since they were just " slid " under the first row of shingles when they were installed ) appear to have altered the gutter helmets and your warranty... Read more

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After spending big bucks for the electrified version of the product (in an effort to ward off ice damming), we were left with finding our own electrician to hard wire the unit to the breaker panel. The electrician they recommended was a no call / no show. The second and third candidates were unfamiliar with the system; the latter wired it incorrectly ( the former simply begged off). We eventually found someone who knew what he was doing after... Read more

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All other components on the roof, around chimneys and vents, for example, require that the installation occur under the shingles to prevent leaks. This is required code. Yet, we are told to believe that while installing over shingles around comparatively small chimneys and vents will lead to leaks, that installing over shingles around far larger gutter guards will not have a similar effect. I once worked as an installer of shingles and can... Read more

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I had gutter helmets installed because I have a 2 story house and was built with many trees over and around my home for shade. After being in my house for a short time, I saw the commercial about gutter helmets and had the salesman come to get my signature and commitment for the work. I thought this was the only way for my situation. I have had leaks since installation and now the wood in rotting in the area that was suppose to be repaired. I... Read more

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